Sunday, August 18, 2013

Troubleshooting to its MAX

After quite a bit of time waiting for my replacement part, I finally received the new wireless module for Butler.  After refreshing my memory on all that I learned about the module, I was finally able to connect to the EEPROM and rewrite information in the module.  Well, I've hit another road block.  I have officially prepared myself to hit a road block after each step me and the group completes.

Now, I'm having troubles with connecting to my Belkin wireless router.  I've given the right settings to the module so it can connect but something isn't adding up.  I'm most likely going to do some research on what type of router I best need to use for flawless connectivity.  I want to figure out though why I can not connect to current router.  If I was to mainstream this product, it would need to connect to any router without any issues.

So, the new task at hand is to research wireless connectivity and the best approach to take.  I've had others ask why I'm not doing Bluetooth or other forms of connectivity.  The main reason is distance and being a strong wireless connection that can send lots of data if need be.  Bluetooth is short range at the moment and is more expensive.

I'm not giving up on the project and have started asking questions to the community to get some feedback as not much material is out on the web for research purposes regarding what I'm trying to accomplish.


  1. I'd be really curious to see the code/?? whatever is trying to connect to the router. It's probably the dreaded "one line somewhere"..

  2. Mike, I'll be glad to help you out. Contact me at and I can provide you with more details. Also, check out our forum as well. Working on building the forum community with information for others to discover and use as they need to help with their projects. Thanks for reading!