Monday, July 29, 2013

Some Random Notes for Today

I have already started planning out the body of the robot.  I was going to start my DJ business again so a few months ago I started to purchase equipment for it.  I didn't get far so I only have a rack case and a power strip which luckily I'm going to be able to reuse in different manners.

For the body, I'm using this rack case that I am going to reinforce inside to be real sturdy and then attach the extremities to this case.  After they are attached, I'll start installing the sensors and work on a head piece.  Since the cavity of the box is 16" deep, I'll install a board to separate the internal wiring and boards from the storage the robot will use.   I plan on using either a door that he'll open on his own or a roll up that he can store inside.  This part will be interesting to program so that he remembers what he put inside himself.

The base stands 21.5" tall and 15 1/4" wide.  Adding the head piece and bottom base will add to the height.  The arms also will add to the width.  I'm waiting to finish the head piece and arms first so I can know the total weight of the upper body so I know what type of axle and motor setup I'll need for the bottom.  The handles and strap that went around the box will be removed.

At first, I did not know where to begin with the base and then while I was at work brainstorming, it hit me about the rack case.  I shaved off about a week of time constructing this guy just by having this case!  Can't wait till this guy starts really piecing together.

Here's the casing I'll be using as the main body

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